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Mandela Day 2020: Let’s Get Them Back to School Safely. Get Early Learning Centres Ready to Reopen

Since 18 March 2020 all 43 of our GROW Educare Centres have been closed to help flatten the curve and comply with government requirements. The lockdown has resulted in many unintended consequences and continues to place unprecedented burdens on the women who own and run these community businesses. The early childhood development (ECD) sector has…

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How to save money and reduce your individual or company tax by making a donation.

Taxes! It’s undeniably a grudge payment that every company and individual has to make. That’s why, if you work hard for your money, you’ll want to spend it on things you value, and on services that improve your life and the people you care about. Donating to a charity of your choice has great benefits,…

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