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GROW with Educare Centres is currently partnering with GROW Learning Company for curriculum and equipment, Lifeline and Wriggle and Rhyme for our music players and content, Early Inspirations to technology enable some of our admin and reporting processes and Uhambo to support GROW’s inclusive education strategy.

Grow Learning Company

Grow learning company is a private, for-profit company that supplies educational teaching tools and comprehensive learning equipment specific to ECD.

This company is passionate about giving all children in our country equal access to quality education while building a brand, which this partnership hopes to further entrench in the market.

Grow Learning Company has a diverse product range of 2500 products, focusing on all areas of development suitable to parents, educators, therapists, retailers and all corporate institutions focusing on Early Childhood Development. From Teachers Guides, Classroom furniture to Arts & Crafts, Puzzles, Fine & Gross Motor equipment to Educational Games.

The GROW with Educare Centres project was incubated by a partnership between The Clothing Bank and Grow Learning Company. Both partners have a deep understanding of the core components required to establish successful, self-sufficient, independent business owners who are able to provide quality education.  This partnership has taken the form of a Memorandum of Understanding that ascribes the role of curriculum developer and equipment supplier to Grow Learning Company and implementer, monitoring and oversight of the ECD micro-franchise model to the GROW with Educare Centres Team.

Early Inspirations

Early Inspiration is passionate about children's development and stimulation, and how the effects of early intervention can enhance the young child’s learning potential. Educating and equipping parents and care-givers as to how they can enhance the child's development from an early age, through stimulation can be seen as imperative in the modern world. Through working with children's development and equipping parents and care-givers, the future leaders of South Africa are being equipped – educating them, inspiring them and birthing in them a desire to see this country flourish.


LifeLine operates a 24 hour telephone counselling line. The telephone counselling service is both anonymous and confidential so when telephoning the line, you will not have to give your name or share any personal details with the counsellor who is taking your call.
A trained LifeLine Counsellor will listen, offer emotional support and assist you to identify the options and choices for yourself as well as provide information on available community resources if needed.

People call the counselling line regarding many things; from feeling lonely and needing a friendly ear to listen to, needing support and guidance on social issues like alcohol and drug abuse, violence and victimization, physical and psychological illness, stress, bereavement and loss, suicidal ideation, retrenchment, unemployment effecting either themselves, family members or friends and many other issues.

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Wriggle and Rhyme

Wriggle and Rhyme’s passion is to reach children with intentional music-based activities, while their brains are growing and developing.

Children engaged in music-based activities have fireworks going off in both hemispheres of their brains!

  • Babies recognize the melody of a song long before they understand the words. They often try to mimic sounds and start moving to the music as soon as they are physically able.  Music has a profound effect on building listening skills, motor skills and early language development.
  • Toddlers love to move to music.  Music can be used to engage with their active imaginations and embed learning in their memories, especially as their speech and social skills evolve.
  • Pre-Schoolers are increasing in independence and enjoy singing and stimulation in a fun and engaging way.  Using music as catalyst for learning and memory, we can build skills that help with literacy and numeracy later on.  We can also use music to teach about team work as they move away from “parallel play” into more interactive social situations.

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Uhambo Foundation

Uhambo Foundation seeks to enable children with mobility and other disabilities to live full and satisfying lives embedded in their communities. We recognise that those who love, care for or live daily with these children depend on quality information, accessible resources, practical skills and ongoing networks of support to build their child’s strengths and pursue hopes and dreams. Most importantly they need to understand their key role to fight for the rights of their child to enjoy opportunities for development, learning, interaction and play in the wider community.

Uhambo Foundation employs a holistic approach in our community engagement. Our work is interlinked with many other services. We value these partnerships in building an inclusive society.

Uhambo Foundation’s vision is to reduce inequalities and barriers to participation for children with all disabilities. We do this primarily through our focus on parent and caregiver empowerment programs, in line with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Uhambo Foundation’s team of community workers, programme facilitators, therapists and social workers deliver capacity-building programmes, disability sensitization, skills training and refer as necessary to local support and services.

Our team is committed to advocacy, lobbying and policy development which ensures the empowerment of children with mobility devices, their parents, families, caregivers, supporters and communities.

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