Should your child go back to preschool now that lockdown is over?

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By Lisa Voortman
I am a qualified special needs educator and early learning teacher, and I’m the co-founder of GROW Educare Centres.

This article is to encourage parents to send their young children back to preschool (also called a nursery school, creche, daycare, educare or ECD centre) so that they can build a solid foundation and gain quality early learning experiences.

Preschool is not a babysitting service.

Preschool is not a place that just keeps children busy and safe while you work.
Preschool is the place where your child builds a strong foundation to help them succeed at school and life. It is the place where we start to unlock their unique potential.

The school year is not lost.

We know that young children are like sponges! They soak up learning through play and experiences. If your child goes back to school on 1 September, for example, there are still 15 valuable weeks of schooling left.

A good quality preschool will help your child flourish through structured play-based activities, healthy meals, a good routine, and a safe and nurturing environment where they feel loved. It’s no good building your house on the sand. You need rock – a solid foundation. The same is true for your child’s life. These are the foundation years where you must invest in quality education.

Parents, we know that you are under financial pressure and you have a lot to worry about. I promise you that investing in your child’s education is one of the best investment you’ll ever make. Please don’t let our country’s children pay the price of poor education.
Find a good quality preschool with qualified, passionate teachers, and a safe environment, and know that you are doing the best for your child.

Find a GROW Educare Centre in your neighbourhood.

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